L’Oréal x Unreal Visual | BRIGHT REVEAL

Creation of a commercial video for L'Oréal Paris to introduce the new product BRIGHT REVEAL.

L’Oréal x Unreal Visual | REVITALIFT

At Unreal Visual, we had the honor of collaborating with L’Oréal Paris on their Revitalift campaign. Commercials for the younger generation.

AI and the Future of Video Production

At Unreal Visual, we use AI to optimize various production phases – it helps us streamline processes and improve the quality of our work.


Take a look at our new commercial video for ROSSMANN CAREWEAR, where video production and creativity bring to life a unique story of fashion and skincare.

ASMR in Advertising: A New Era of Sound and Visual Marketing

Explore how ASMR is changing advertising, increasing engagement, and creating a sensory connection between brands, their products, and young consumers.

Komerční banka x Unreal Visual | PURE

Project PURE, created in collaboration with Komerční banka and the advertising agency DDB Prague. Synergy of sustainability and technology.

Optimization of videos for Instagram and TikTok ads.

Optimize video ads for Instagram and TikTok with an overview of key formats, safe zones, and aspect ratios for effective reach.

Unreal Visual introduces four new directors

Unreal Visual expands its portfolio of directors with new faces. Martin Janeš, Valeria Recman, Lukáš Vojáček and duo Novak+Nguyen.

Impact of video content on e-commerce and online sales

Explore the key aspects and impact of using video in e-commerce to support online sales and increase conversions.

VODAFONE x Unreal Visual

How we created commercials for VODAFONE with McCann Prague that appeal to young people and support individuality.