UTOPY prides itself on the principles of slow fashion community. Their clothing with unique designes is not only meant for fitness, but also as a lifestyle brand for everyday wear. The emphasis is on making women not only look good but also feel good in the clothing. The goal is to make two brand promoting videos and a series of photos that match the visual style of the videos.


Our goal was to deviate from the ordinary view of fashion video and make the whole spot more artistic and abstract. So we immediately crossed out the idea of the actors thoughtlessly walking through various spaces and thought about what really characterizes UTOPY. When we were looking at the colors and patterns that UTOPY uses, words like speed, variety and agility came to mind. We wanted the viewers to see that they could feel good looking in their clothes, that they could feel “alive”.

"Feel alive feel UTOPY"

The world of UTOPY that we wanted to create cannot be found in nature. In addition to that, the winter season, during which the spots were filmed, is not exactly great for shooting outdoors in leggings and sports bras only. So we decided to create the whole world ourselves. And not only with the help of modified landscape shots, but also directly in the studio itself.

The patterns on the products themselves are resemble an abstract landscape. Using a macro shot, we used the fabric as a “portal” to the world UTOPY gets its inspiration from. We wanted to show that there is a lot more hidden in this brand.

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