When writing the script, we wanted to push the boundaries of the typical pop music narrative techniques so that the viewer understands at first glance that this is not an ordinary mainstream video clip. However, this music style is quite a conservative genre within its limits, and a purely experimental attempt might not be forgiven by an accustomed viewer.


The text itself describes the distance and at the same time the attachment of a young couple. So it occurred to us to show this dramaturgical level visually. We watch the stories of two people who are in different places, but at the same time they are close in the picture. This can be described quite simply using a split picture or split-screen.


This storytelling style allowed us to present a greater number of stories, as in many passages of the video both levels run simultaneously. However, the examples mentioned above were not the only reason to chose this form of storytelling.

In the very climax of the story, we decided to use this picture split in a very unconventional way, in order to attract the viewer’s attention to the maximum. This shot itself was also the most technically and productively demanding element in an already technically demanding video clip.

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