Creating an advertising branded video that aims to emphasize the uniqueness and originality of the products in a modern and original way. Personalizing the “Be The Show” brand claim and promoting a new premium collection of products aimed at golfers.


We try to metaphorize the “Be The Show” brand claim in the spot. Meaning break the rules and be an individual who does not let trends and conventions bind them. To do so, we used not only the right choice of casting and locations, but also the visual itself, as we decided to combine two different formats in one video – 16:9 and 4:3. The 4:3 format is shot on analog 16mm film.

Analog 16mm film

We decided to use a slightly unconventional form to highlight other benefits of products made from merino wool in the spot. Ecology – environment, sheep friendly (barber with sheep), individuality – models and their manners, or non-flammability.

All products in one video

To make the most of the advertising video, we decided to have the models gradually wear all Livesweaters products.

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