Broker Consulting’s Request

„The aim of the recruitment advertising campaign is to help our managers and directors in the regions to recruite skilled people and to present their work in Broker Consulting and the OK POINT franchise in a new and modern way.”

Recruitment video for a big corporate

But even an assignment like this is worth realizing with style and trying to lighten it (especially if it is to attract attention on social media). From the beginning, we focused on the strongest feature that characterizes Broker Consulting – stability and credibility. But how do we transport it to recruitment advertising in a clear and engaging way?


Why levitation? Because thanks to the background of a stable company, one has the opportunity for doing great things, for self-realization. The opportunity to literally lift off.

The intention was to combine interestingness, memorability and slight exaggeration (ingredients that work on social media) together with the credibility and formal elegance of Broker Consulting. And to support all that even more, we decided to have real employees of the company as the main characters in all the spots.

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