The field of video production is undergoing a paradigm shift, driven by the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI). This article focuses on the multifaceted impact on this sector and the future key role of AI in video production.

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Will Video Production Still Be Needed?

Although AI tools offer numerous advantages, the role of video production companies remains fundamental. Video production, and especially individual creative professions, provide expertise, experience, creativity, and most importantly – the human touch and supervision, which AI cannot replicate.

By integrating AI tools into workflows, video production companies can improve and enhance their services. AI tools serve as assistants, automating routine tasks and enabling creative professionals to fully utilize their potential while eliminating or significantly simplifying what unnecessarily consumes their time. This leads to more efficient and especially higher-quality results.

Generating Videos Using AI – Will It Replace Real Filming in the Future?

The answer is simple – No. And yes, we are aware that this answer sounds too confident, especially since you are reading it on a video production website.

As in other industries – certain products and services can be generically created. These are the ones to which aesthetic or other important significance is not attached. Products for daily consumption. Services that just complement otherwise unexciting processes. The same goes for video.

Just as you cannot convince a lover of combustion engines to buy a Tesla, similarly, you cannot persuade a fan of classic films to be enthralled by a film generated by AI. Therefore, the function of the video and, most importantly, the target group – whether it’s a film or, for example, an advertising video – is decisive.

However, this does not exclude incorporating AI into at least some parts of video creation, even if the final video is shot on film.

Transformational Shift in Video Production

Video production has come a long way, from manual, time-consuming processes to the integration of advanced technologies. AI is currently emerging as the next step, automating mundane tasks and improving creative workflows.

The introduction of AI in video production is not just an improvement but a transformational shift. From the initial phases of conceptualization to the final edits in post-production, AI tools are used to revolutionarily transform every step of the film process. From exploring different perspectives to post-production cleaning of spoken words or noise removal in videos.

Yes – AI is not just “text to video” as many people think. It is intertwined throughout the process and significantly improves and enhances individual parts of production.


Scaling Video Production and Reworking the Creative Process

At Unreal Visual, AI helps us scale production and streamline traditional methods. It frees up creators’ hands, automates routine tasks, and gives them the opportunity to focus on more innovative aspects of the final work.

Removing the monotony associated with traditional methods allows for more efficient production of quality video content. This scalability is key in an era where content is king and the demand for fresh, engaging video is constantly growing.

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The role of AI in video production represents the union of technology and creativity. It is a space where the boundaries of possibilities are constantly being pushed. As AI technology matures, it promises to further improve efficiency, creativity, and scalability in video production. This makes it a great tool for filmmakers. That’s why we continuously explore and gradually implement it into all creative processes in our video production.

FAQ: AI in Unreal Visual Video Production


What exactly does using AI in video production mean?

  • AI (artificial intelligence) in video production means using advanced algorithms and learning machines to automate routine tasks, improve creative processes, and support data-based decision-making.

How does AI help Unreal Visual create videos?

  • At Unreal Visual, we use AI to optimize various phases of production – it helps us streamline processes and increase the quality of the final video.

Will AI replace human creators in video production?

  • No, AI is not intended to replace human creators. Rather, it is a tool that helps creators realize their visions more efficiently and creatively.

What kind of tasks in Unreal Visual video production does AI improve?

  • AI allows our creatives to focus more on innovative and complex aspects of projects. It helps, for example, in creating mood boards, eliminating the time spent searching for suitable references. It visualizes our creative ideas and thus aids in more effective decision-making during the creative processes of creating a work.

What are Unreal Visual’s future plans in the field of AI?

  • We plan to continue researching and implementing AI technologies so that they further support our creative processes and allow us to keep up with the constantly evolving trends in video production.